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Why wont my iPod Touch Connect to iTunes or the App store?

I just got my iPod today, so I'm freaking out because I don't know what's wrong! I've tried restoring it, that didn't work, and I restarted my computer too, and that didn't work!

When I open iTunes on my iPod Touch It say's "Cannot connect to iTunes store." What do I do??

And when I try and open the Apps Store it says "Cannot retrieve download information. Please connect with iTunes." Please help me!

Oh and also, I got a couple free Apps, but I got them on my computer. I synced them to my iPod and when I tried to use them they would start to load for like 3 seconds and then it would go back to the main menu. I don't know why.

Please help?


I do have Wi-Fi Connection.

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    it could be your wifi connection. Try restarting your router. That might help. Before you freak out, try going to a known wifi hotspot like the library and see if you can connect there. And relax.

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    Do you have wifi connection?

    When I got mine, I thought it was broken cause it didn't go on iTunes and stuff, and then I figured out that I needed to get wifi connection. (Settings>Wi-Fi)

    If that doesn't work, then try contacting Apple, or take it to a store.

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