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How often can I feed my rat treats/veggies?????

I have a pet rat, Olive, and I was wondering how often I can feed her treats and veggies. She really likes cheez-its and celery, but I don't want to give her too many. So how much is good for her?


And also, how does a rat lose weight? My rat doesn't like to run on a hamster wheel (she's still just a young one) and she can't really run too much with my dog around the house.

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    I give mine a few (Treats) everyday!

    but I give her actual "rodent/rat-treats" that I buy at pet stores.

    Maybe two cheez-it in the morning & at night and some celery throughout the day/in the afternoon.

    Don't substitute it for her real food though.

    Make sure she gets proper exercise!

    BTW I'm giving you this advice assumuing you have a large rat like me, but if yours is a small one, maybe give it only one cheez-it in morning and at night and just a small bit of celery.

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    i feed my rat vedgies in the mornings, he munches through it within seconds, you just need to watch how much you give them . dont feed them junk food everyday thats how they get tumors, everynow and then i let him have a couple of bites of whatever im eating. i h ave a dog aswell so he cant run around much but about 3 times a week i lock my dog inside and put my rat in the back yard and he just runs around in the grass for about 10 minutes, he loves it to bits. dont do that unless your rat is trained though,

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    i give my rat a dog treat every morning for a nice treat and maybe later on i will give him a cracker or something and sometimes veggies but you have to be careful not to feed your rat too many veggies of it will get sick and for treats don't feed her to many or she will get fat.

    and tp get your rat to loose weight just play with her every day

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    Well, once or twice a day, Like one in the morning and one at night, And You shouldn't feed her it like every hour because she will gain alot of weight which isn't good.

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    rats will eat anything because their digestive system allows for it. As long as you don't feed it anything poisonous you should be fine giving "her" as much as "she" wants.

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