Job Interview at Journeys?

I have an interview tomorrow at Journey's ( a shoe store). What questions will i be asked? and how should i reply? and how should i dress up for this interview?

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    1 decade ago
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    Congrats on getting the interview! As someone who has interviewed a number of people over my career as a manager I have come across a number of different situations. My best advice to you is the following:

    1 - Do dress professionally. It helps make a better first impression and shows you are serious about getting the job. If someone comes to interview with me and they are not dressed appropriately I make a mental note.

    2 - A lot of questions asked in an interview are situational questions, "Tell me about a time when you...", and things like that. The best way to answer those is using what I like to call the STAR technique. STAR stands for:

    S - Situation (Tell the interviewer about the situation)

    T - Task (What needed to happen to address the situation)

    A - Action (What action did you personally take)

    R - Result (What was the outcome of your actions)

    Keep a mental note of this as you answer the questions, and you will be more likely to provide complete answers to the interviewer's questions.

    3 - Try to be confident, be yourself, and do not be afraid of being nervous. Everyone gets nervous, and good interviewers know this. Just tell them that you are a bit nervous and get it out of the way.

    Best of luck to you, and I hope you get the job.

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