How much do you get for student loans?

how does it all work?

how much do you receive in student loans in ontario?

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    You will need to file the FAFSA beginning Jan 1 2010 - March 2 2010 (priority filing in CA). The FAFSA will use the financial data you enter to determine your EFC (expected family contribution). Your school's financial aid office will subtract your EFC from the total cost of attending their University. Say the University is 10,000 per year and your EFC is 1,000. Your unmet need is now at 9,000. Your school's financial aid office will now put together a package for you that can include offers of state or federal grants, federal or private loans, and even school based scholarships/grants. Without knowing your specific details I cannot give you any more of a detailed answer about what to expect. There are several types of loans for school out there subsidized federal loans being the most attractive, federal unsubsidized the next level, and private loans usually being a last resort. There are loan programs for students and for parents to take out on behalf of their student. Again, your school's financial aid office will determine which of these you are eligible for and how much they are able to offer depending on your family's financial status and your need. Check with them when you begin applying for financial aid. For now, you can begin to educate yourself about financial aid by going to which is the federal government's website.

    Source(s): also, I am an admissions counselor at a high school
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    particular it incredibly is and in case you haven't any longer already understand, the ameliorations between pupil loan and pupil help is that pupil loan you could desire to PAY back!, in case you won't be in a position to the late fees will rises so becareful with how lots money you going to borrow.

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    It all depends on how much money you have, your economic standing, and the school that you go to.

    Look at your universities website and they'll have information regarding that.

    Good luck!

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