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Help needed in tomato farming?

I am doing small scale tomato farming and after selecting the good ones to sell, I find that am left with almost a quarter of a days harvest which is not selling. How can one convert the unsaleable in to cash? Am thinking of tomato paste or any other product but i do not know how to go about it. What are the preservatives, quantities, etc are required?

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    If you process foods you will need a licensed kitchen for most things especially canned goods like sauce, paste, juice, salsa, etc..

    Many states will let growers dehydrate foods and sell them with no licensed kitchen

    check with your state dept of agriculture about rules on such things

    If you can find a cannery they will process your tomatoes for you and put your label on the jars for a fee.

    It takes about a bushel of tomatoes to make 3 gallons of juice or salsa. A bushel makes about 1.5 gallons of sauce and .5 gallons of paste.

    You can always box up your culls and sell them by the case for $10 to $15 to home canners

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    Tomato paste, sauce, ketchup, and sun-dried tomatoes are all possibilities. If you put preservatives in any of those products, you're going to be competing with industrial giants that can undersell you every time. Far better to start with kitchen recipes and sell a boutique/organic product. Watch your production costs carefully - you may be better off just mulching the ugly fruit.

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    well its hard to say as its need too much experience to do that if u want ot make it cash u have to sell it under some brand which need registration so it better to sell it to people which are doin this already or in market.

    good luck

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