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I need a spa vacation on a strict budget-India, Bali or Mexico-please help?

I mean a really cheap deal with treatments included where can I find resources on line for cheap deals?

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    Bali is not cheap. It's quite pricey. India is not exactly a place to go for spa vacations. I would go to Mexico because the food and drink are very cheap. It is also gorgeous.

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    In India, you can get the very best Spa or Sauna Vacation in your life. There are a lot of spa's & sauna for in India, you may want to use the S.O.T.C. which fully handles the Spa & Sauna treatment in India.

    The place is very good & you will surely enjoy it as it usually takes 1-week depending on your budget. In New Delhi at the moment without the airline ticket for 5-nights/6-days stay with the full use of the spa/sauna treatment, staying on a 5-star hotel with airport transfer for 2-person USD 2,500.00 with breakfast - etc. while in the Southern part will be more cheaper & much better spas which would cost less than USD 2,000.00 for 2-person.

    Just look for the SOTC in the web as this is very much guaranteed.

    Source(s): I am a travel agent here in the Middle-East & had recommended this for more than a thousand times to my clients specially Westerns & even Filipino's like me.
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