99 cougar fuel problems. not the gas cap.?

okay, i just picked up this car last week and its been going great for me so far. the only thing is that the steering column is tight. recently however when i fueled up for the first time i took it out on the highway. about 5 or 7 minutes down the road the "check engine" light came on. i pulled off to the side of the road and checked the fuel cap. the cap was as tight and as secure as i could get it to be. i also checked the manual to see if i put in the correct octane level and i did. i noticed that my gas was depleting rapidly. and it still kind of is. only from time to time though. (sometimes it acts like its burning the normal amount and other times it seems like its burning too much) im not sure what the problem is.

my brothers both think that it is the spark plugs and the car just needs a simple tune up (which probably should be done anyway) and that the spark plugs are burning too much gas.

my automotive instructer thinks it is the gas cap but like i said before i made sure it was tight and secure.

the car is a 99 cougar, 2.5 liter engine, V6, automatic tranny.

im looking for an answer, not reticule from some "car enthusiast" asshole. a car is only as efficient as the owner who takes care of it. thanks.


the check engine light went off... seems like it was a fuel cap malfuction... but id like to get a tune up just in case.

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    Anytime the check engine light is lit, there is a problem that needs to be diagnosed. Take the car to an auto parts store and have them hook up the OBD reader; this will show the codes and reading the codes will indicate the repairs needed. It's the only way to find out why the light is lit - all other is guesses. Also be careful - using foul language on YA is against their guidelines and may have the Q deleted

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    your RPM "problem" is non-existent. That's how cars work.

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    egr system is probably blocked

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