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Why are American soldiers still being sent to Afghanistan to fight?

How did they wind there from Iraq?

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    America was in Afghanistan before it was in Iraq. Many of our scholars, generals, CIA, and defense department officials say that a war there is unwinable.... but that is not the mission. The mission is to reduce the Taliban's influence there and limit Al Qada's (sp) influence there. The mission is to reduce the number of terrorists to allow the Afghan government to exist in peace without conflict from terrorists.

    It is a tough mission b/c there is very little work or hope for prosperity in Afghanistan for Afghani people and working for the Taliban is one of the better paying jobs.

    Most if the fighting is in the tribal areas of Afghanistan near the Pakistani border. This area near Pakistan is also a troubled area. Pakistan itself is a troubled nation with its government teetering on collapse.

    The Iraqi mission is nearly complete... most of the troops have been withdrawn from Iraq, allowing the Iraqi government to take control of their country. Since these troops that have experience in Iraq have gained experience in a peace keeping role in Iraq they are being moved to help with the peace keeping mission in Afghanistan.

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    we have to send troops cause we are stalling, this war has to continue to drag along, it's all part of the plan

    keeps slaves minds on things that don't matter to much

    when big things start to go down, MJ or a Dead Politician, or such takes over the news as a new sinister bill is signed

    Pepper, all are doing God's work, the Lord has warned us, after all, God Created All of Us Including The Devil

    Jimmy C has truth, now read the Book of Revelations and read about the Battle of Babylon from a beast that comes out of the sea for Her Resources

    Babylon is in Iraq

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    Just finish its mission as soon as possible.

    Peace or War.

    If U.S. can forgive al qaida, al qaida will keep bombing U.S. and its allies.

    If U.S. keeps on fighting, at least, Afghan will be a democratic country. Then, it is easy to handle al qaida with diplomatic approach.

    Remembering the establishment of Federal Government, wars were with western and south.

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    It's the West's gate way into lower Europe, the Christian nations are carrying out God's work by being there, holding back the Islamic world.

    - Pepper.

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    They still go there because we still have a war there, and other nations are helping us fight it for the good of the world.

    When the other nations agree with us that it is time to go home, we will.

    I will be glad to see all our buys come home.

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    To make the world safe for civilized people.

    By C-17.

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    Iran has now been conquered and subdued. The US is in control of the oil. They are now moving into Afghanistan to secure the region to run oil pipelines though it.

    This has nothing to do with freedom, democracy, religion or anything else the US government would like you to believe. This is practical and tactical control of middle eastern oil.

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    there is no war in afghanistan Amrica just want pace there and this so called war is bluff for this

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    because the gonernment is a conspiracy and want to kill the max poeple b4 the anti christ arrival. it wil b easier to control a small population n turn them into slaves

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