What type of Intake Manifold Performance should i buy for my 1988 chevy camaro iroc z 28?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    im pretty sure your car has tpi, bbk makes a few cool tpi units i think there spendy though, pretty much any performance tpi in take is gonna be expensive but heres a link


  • 4 years ago

    For starters you're unlikely to locate many 'sixty 9 Z28's that have not already been restored. Z28's have been powerful for a protracted time, so maximum that have been around nevertheless in prefer of fix have already been found and restored. in case you may desire to probable locate an unique vehicle that wasn't already performed, plan on some enormous greenbacks. i've got seen genuine Z28 basket cases with unique rigidity-practice sell for over $20,000. in case you in basic terms prefer the seem of a Z28 and don't care if it has the unique DZ code 302, you would be greater powerful suited to purchase a std. Camaro and build a Z28 clone. link under to a real X33 Z28 on Ebay. It nevertheless has 3 days left on the ordinary public sale and if I had to guess possibly isn't close to the reserve. this could desire to provide you some style of an concept of what you would be stepping into.

  • 1 decade ago

    It depends if you stay with throttle body or go with a carb. Personally I'd go with a 650 holley and med. rise edelbrock intake.Throw on a set of hears and EDI ignition and you will have a mean machine. I'd still burn you with my 09 Challenger RT

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