Can you please help me find a pair of Nike Air Force 1 all grey in suede or leather?

I am looking for Nike Air Force 1 (retro I think they are called) in all grey. It has been such a pain in the neck since some websites have air force 1 and some have air force "one" and some have grey and some have "gray" and I am looking for size 11.

I really appreciate it. I know it's dumb, and I'm not a sneaker freak or anything (I've been wearing the same pair of New Balances for 10 years actually) but I'm a teacher in the inner city and my conversations with the kids about fashion and sports have brought me closer to them and they've listened to me because I am the young teacher that they can relate to.

My administration (principals) suggested that we switch over to five day casual because normal shirt and tie stuff is definitely not working at our school (we could debate this all day long but I don't care either way, my lesson is what is important and I expect a lot from my kids)

I would just like a pair of shoes that seems classy and clean, and the air force 1 low-tops in grey would go with a nice pair of jeans and a button down shirt. That is the only reason I ask... Thanks in advance and save your opinions about the importance of me wearing a tie to work for when you talk to yourself.


I don't know how to respond to individuals, Thanks for the response but which Foot Locker, I can't find them in Foot Locker and I live in NYC five mins away from probably the biggest Foot Locker in the world and can't find em'!!!

Thanks though.

Update 2:

By the way, before anyone makes a comment about standards being lowered... I have students who have had older siblings arrested by NYPD detectives and in my school, in my situation, my students do not respond well to teachers that LOOK like NYPD detectives. That is the reason we are being more casual.

Many Fortune 500 companies are doing the same thing so it is a simple matter of common sense, as there is not a single person I know that wouldn't go to work in a pair of sweats if it were acceptable.

Despite the dumbing down of standardized testing and so forth, I constantly challenge my kids and my dress is not indicative of my teaching style or preparation. I could show up wearing clown shoes and my kids WILL learn because I care about them and their success.

Thanks, it didn't sit easy with me, 5 day casual. My father is a human resources director and I grew up with the whole prof. conduct, firm handshake and tie b.s. But it isn't realistic in certain situations. Sorry

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    I don't think Air Force Ones come in suede or leather, but that link is probably the closest you'll get. You could always go with the White on White Air Forces.

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    Try finish line or foot locker. they have great shoes.

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    you can go to foot locker and get them

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