Need Help on Greek Myth Project, need to edit.?

I guess i have to give u guys more of the story lol.

io(Io) was a girl that zeus married. Hera got mad and got jealous of Zeus with another girl.Zeus didnt want to get caught with Io so he changed her into a cow. Hera wanted Io(now as a cow) as a gift from zeus. Zeus Gave Cow. Hermes(one of zeuses 1000 sons lol) freed Io from a 100 eyed beast. She fled to egypt because a fly was stinging her. While as Egypt Egyptians worshiped her cause she was a baeutiful white cow. She became their Godess-Queen. U guys get the story now lol. For other people i need to make a catchy phrase or msg that has to do with Io(the cow). For Example, last year a kid did the god of wine and his msg was " dont drink and drive" you guys see where im going with this. So from the story I gave can u guys think & give me some ideas for a cathphrase.

Please Help and thanks

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    How about something like....

    IO Milk - we travel the world to to bring you the best.

    This includes the image of Io as a cow. She had to wander the world running away from the stinging flies of Hera.

    Or...The IO Eyeglasses Company - we carry 100's of styles for Greeks, Cretans, Egyptians, etc..... Again - you've got IO and the portion of the tale about Argus the guardian-monster and his many eyes. You could have a comical picture of Io the cow wearing glasses??

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    1 decade ago

    Alright... No

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