which laptop is the best, cheap and durability are main issue?

I wanna buy a laptop but I have know idea about it. so I am confused to choose one. That is why I am asking that question. by the way I wanna buy the laptop for my 3D works. I will do 3D animation with it.

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    In my college, many tech students will use either thinkpads or macbooks. I use a thinkpad t400 and it is by far the best notebook i have ever used. It has a full magnesium alloy skeleton within the reinforced plastic skeleton so it is very strong. It runs very reliably and responsively and is just an overall professional machine. There's no compromise with this laptop at all. I've really tried to look into other pc's but i couldn't find one that would compare, even with a higher price. with integrated graphics a t400 should set you back about 750$ but there are rebates all the time so i wouldn't be surprised if you can get it in the upper 600's. Spillproof keyboard, expandable bays keep this computer up to date for a very long time.

    Look into it it may just be for you! Many graphic designers use Apple platforms but it all comes down to what you are more comfortable with. you should be able to do work just as well on both platforms.

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    This seems very confusing for me as well before but once I go through few sites I found a way of finding cheap items I were buying online. Going to deal sites can get you good deals for laptop you needed. I suggest at least 4GB ram with more then 200GB hard drive. And please use core 2 duo processor or athlon which works faster for graphics application. If cost is not most matters then below shown laptops can be good choices for you:




    As for durability I trust sony and toshiba more then other companies.

    Best luck for your laptop.

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    Hi there

    I suggest for u an asus F5V dual core 4 gig memory, with ati x2300.

    I am wirking on it xsi 6.5 and Vista. They are nice together, and i think it is worth the price.


    PS: modelling rigging, anims hair and sim. everything is allright

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