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unfair hospital bill? and should i have to pay for it?

just last week i was visiting my aunt in the hospital. the aroma eventualy made me get really hot, dizzy, then I passed out in a hallway.....i was taken to an emergency room, gaven an IV and got a cat scan...when they did not ask... all i did was pass out and i feel like they did not need to take the precautions. now i am looking at a bill of 10,000$ what are some of you fellow yahooists' answers/thoughts

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    Agree with the other answer. I work in the ER, we do what we have to make sure the patient will be OK. However, sometimes we have to do more because of so many law suits from everyone trying to make a buck blaming someone else. They were trying to find out what made you pass out and if you received any injury after you passed out. "passing out" can be caused by anything from cardiac problems, neurological problems, fluid volume problems, or just good old fashion fainting spell.

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    no it's not an unfair bill.. although it may suck because it's expensive. A hospital is full of medical staff trained to act in ANY emergency situation. People don't just pass out "just because" and without knowing the reason for you passing out,they did what they needed to in order to ensure that you were ok. the fluids where used to hydrate you, and the scan was done to make sure that your brain didn't swell or get injured when you fell. Be glad you didn't pass out and get taken to the hospital by ambulance, that would have added about $400 dollars to that bill you have.

    hope that helps

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