How do you recharge a/c on 92-95 civics?

my car has a/c but i just blows hot air i think it needs a recharge but i don't know how to do it.. and is it safe to use the cans that you can buy on walmart or autozone.. or should i bring it to a shop for the recharge?


okay i went to wal-mart got the 134a and a hose with the gauge and went on to put the freon on the car (while the car was running and a/c on full blast) half a bottle later the gauge says its full around 30 psi but went inside the car and the a/c only blows COOL air not really COLD.. and don't i need to put like almost 2 bottle of 12oz on the car before it says full?

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    1 decade ago
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    1 open the hood

    2 remove the actual can

    3 go to the HONDA agency (wallmart and autozone suck in that) and tell them you want a new one

    4 put it back on

    5 TADAN

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Ok forget what revenge just said

    Listen to me and save time,money, and gain some wit's

    1. Go to walmart and buy a can of A/C (you know)

    2. There are cans that are the same but just come with the nozzle's with the guages on them, they cost more .

    3. just unscrew the nozzle's off and put it on the cheaper bottle, saves u like 8 bucks

    4.on the A/C line find the place where u unfill and fill up the a/c

    5. just take the old freeon out (i know it bad for the enviroment) but who cares.

    6. then just fill it up till the gauge says its good

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