Webcam- shows unavailable but picture is to me?

Hey, with my ligtech webcam (i asked a question before but wasn't getting the answers i needed) it shows up when i click "my webcam" but when i go under "view webcam" or invite myself it shows to be unavailable. It also shows up under the yahoo help thing, help?

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    Hi Maxx -

    You both have to be in regular Yahoo Messenger to make a webcam connection.

    You may not have completed the settings

    Its good practice to disconnect and re-connect your webcam before you start a chat session - if you have been using it elsewhere the Yahoo software may have difficulty in locating it. Mine, I just unplug it from the USB and plug it back in, if yours is integral with the computer you will have to re-start the computer, unless the software has a feature for this.

    Of all the chat programs, Yahoo is the most painful software to set up but if you follow these instructions you should be ok.


    Webcam connected

    Open messenger - on top toolbar. Left click ( > ) Messenger > Preferences > Connection - Select 'no proxies' or 'connect direct to the internet' depending on the version of messenger you have

    make sure your internet connection and country are correct in the lower two boxes > Apply > OK


    > Messenger > My webcam - the warning panel will launch, click 'OK' and your webcam will start. You should be rewarded at this stage with your happy smiling face.


    With webcam still running > Messenger > Preferences > Webcam > Camera Source - set your webcam as default using dropbox. > Camera Settings - adjust settings to suit. > Apply > OK

    Take a note of any additional software, if you have multiple choice for Camera Source, you may wish to uninstall any redundant webcam software later to prevent conflicts


    > Messenger > Preferences > Webcam - make your selections ( who you will allow to view you) > Apply > OK

    When you send your invitation your contact may get the 'Webcam not connected' They will have to make the same settings in INTERNET CONNECTION - less the reference to webcam connected

    If the connection continues to fail - you can try changing to 'connect via proxy' and sign in again - it takes a bit of juggling sometimes.

    If you run into trouble click on my avatar and message me most problems can be sorted out, by email or in an IM session,

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