how to make a sculpture ?

hey, does anybody know how to make a life size torso sculpture of a female figure for my alevel art ? i was thinking using plaster but im not to sure how, i need it to be farely cheap and my resources are a little limited ? thanks

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    1 decade ago
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    tons of different options. You can use foam suitable for carving (get sheets at building supply, glue together into block. You could make an armature out of thicker wire and chickenwire and use paper mache or plaster bandages. you can use plaster bandages if you have a willing female model, then you would have to read up on mold making. You could even make one out of matchsticks glued together or used postage stamps, beer bottle caps or woven from grass. You can assemble it with gluesticks and empty plastic containers. You could make a tape sculpure (google term for more info). You can weld it out of scrap metal.

    It all depends on your skills and imagination and purpose. What do you want that torso to say or represent? Is there a message or do you want to make a copy of some antique greek art for putting into a garden?

    Source(s): some basic idea what to do with foam
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