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i live in a gated community i need your help my cousin was terrible injure and all she wants is to feel safe?

i know this is akward to ask but my cousin whos 5 was hit by a car who didnt stop my gated comunnity where i live are making a survey a voted poll in the community website to put cameras on the street since theres lots of kids playing my cousin is in a wheelchair now so since she wants to feel more safe im here doing this heres the link http://www.rollinghillsfyi.com/ thanks alot.. just click on the the one that saids High security gates with cameras and transponders ... sorry for the akwarness but thanks so much god blesss

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    That's horrible how your cousin is in a wheelchair now. But it's a good thing on how they are trying to get cameras installed, good for you!

    I voted! That was a really good idea.

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    The link says:

    "The rodent population in Rolling Hills has increased recently. If you find that rats and mice have invaded your space, Orange County Vector control will come to your home, do an analysis, make recomendations and set up bait stations where needed."

    He's more likely to get a surprise from a rat.

    Gated communities give a false sense of security. I lived in one for a few months once. You could go out to the main entrance and watch people parked outside the gates just wait for a resident to return. They would drive in after the resident opened the gate and entered.

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    instead of tech how about common sense don't play in the street or near a street. streets are intended for vehicles only this is why there's no grass and not even a spec of life on them except road kill.

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