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Where can I download PowerPoint?

Because apparently what I have is called Microsoft Office PowerPoint Viewer 2007 and it doesn't let me do anything other than view the slides, I need to print them and it takes up way too much ink to print each single page.

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    Try downloading OpenOffice. The big deal is: it's free. It has a useful PowerPoint editor & viewer. It's a little bit different from MS PowerPoint, but close enough for most jobs.

    It also does Word and Excel jobs, too.

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    You can download the trial version of Power Point on the MS Office Website. Just Google it (or use

    Also, MS Office 2010 is comming out soon, and when it does, everone will have FREE access to Word, Excel, and Power Point right from their web browser! But until then, you can use the trial version.

    You can also get a FREE full version of another program like Power Point that will do the job. It's part of the Open Office Suit. You can use that software to edit Power Point Slides. Follow the link for more info and to download it:

    Good Luck!

    Cheers! :D

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    It will be hard to download powerpoint or microsoft office for free. They want you to pay several hundred dollars.

    Try, which is a generic office suite, capable of opening, viewing, changing, and creating microsoft word/powerpoint/etc, and storing them as an internationally standard format. It has spreadsheets, word processors, etc., and is absolutely free. It's designed by Sun Microsystems, out of Germany.

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    Download OpenOffice and open the PowerPoint slides with it:

    I won't tell you how to download a cracked copy of Microsoft Office with PowerPoint, even if I did know, because it is illegal to do.

    From now on make all you documents with OpenOffice in the OpenDocument format so that no one else is stuck unable to open your files as you were unable to open theirs.

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    I really hope you're not thinking of getting an illegal version. Doing that is very bad and could lead you to a world of trouble that you do not want. THE thing is, microsoft doesn't like PIRATEs, so microsoft uses the law to keep them at BAY. I hope this helped.

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    You can download the trial version of the microsoft office at this wesites

    Or the one trial version is the openoffice at this website:

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    It's illegal. If they catch u , u will be fined like anything,

    You can use google docs.

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    Try torrents.

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