birth control and their side effects..?

im a 15 year old girl and im sexually active. please do not say your too young your a whore.. blah whatever you say i dont care anyways.

its my choice.. i have known my boyfriend for 3 years and i really love this guy.

we are always using condoms but sometimes he takes it off..

i do not want to get pregnant at this age i am too young for that.

i know it could happen any time i have sex and if it does i know for sure i will keep my baby no matter what.

but im trying to protect myself as best as possible.

i want to go on birth control but i heard that so many things could happen..

like blood clots not being able to have children in the future and death it scares me!

so please help me if i just use condoms will that be ok?

i havnt gotten pregnant yet in the while ive been sexually active..

thanks so much and please be nice to me.

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    If you choose to only use condoms then you have to make sure you are using 100% correctly. He has to push the air out, hold the base and withdraw and take it off before his erection goes down. This will protect you. There are some videos on youtube that show you exactly how to put the condom on so it might something for both of you to watch.

    There are many different kinds of birth control. There is the prostegen (sp?) only pill POP or mini-pill. It has less side affects and is safe for women to take when they are breastfeeding. It is a good backup to have when you use condoms. It worked for me, even when I was married and stopped using condoms. Just go and chat with someone that can give you ALL the options and ALL the side affects.

    Good luck.

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    Given your age, you should probably use two forms of birth control, especially if your bf takes the condom off. I'm sure you'd rather not deal with a kid right now so I strongly recommend that you see your doctor (or school nurse, etc) to discuss the various forms of bc out there. Honestly, there are a lot of different forms, you'll find one that is right for you.

    I wouldn't worry about the warnings, especially given that you seem to be a healthy young woman. Doctors will ask you some questions on your family history before prescribing bc. This will determine your risk for blood clots and stuff. Don't worry the docs won't prescribe you something that will hurt you. :) Just an fyi, don't opt for the birth control shot, it's bad.

    Doctors and nurses are there to help you and answer all of your questions so don't be afraid asking them anything. It's cool, and you'll feel better in the long run. Who needs to worry about periods month to month? Or if the condom broke or slipped off? You don't need that. :) You seem very smart, rest assured you'll find good bc for you too. Just remember to keep using the condom as well.

    Best of luck.

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    Those symptoms are RARE. The most you'll probably get is spotting between periods, maybe a little nausea, and breast tenderness for a month or so until your body gets used to the hormone. We're talking, 1 in thousands of a chance you'll never be able to have kids, or anything major. Your doctor will look at your family's medical history and prescribe you to the best one for you.

    Do NOT let him take that condom off if you don't want any chance of getting pregnant. I would suggest getting yourself on a more reliable method of birth control anyway, because you are so young and having a baby is really hard. (I was 16 when I got pregnant with my daughter, using condoms) Condoms are really less effective then everyone thinks... so just be careful, and smart!

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Mother of a 21 month old, and baby #2 on the way!
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    You should definitely talk to a doctor about birth control, as each medication has different side effects and some are more affordable than others. I have been on Yaz (I liked it best), as well as orthotricycline (I got pregnant on this), and a couple others. Some will make you gain weight, others might help with your acne, and some help with PMS symptoms. Talking to a doctor will allow you to get prescribed a pill that is best tailored to your needs.

    Also, I realize that you have strong feelings for your boyfriend, but if he respects your body why is he taking the condom off during sex? I know sex without a condom feels better, but he needs to respect you too. I'd talk to your boyfriend as well.

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    There are forms of birth control that don't alter your hormones or cause health issues.Diaphragms,spermicides, IUD's are just a few. Whatever you do continue to use the condoms and another form of birth control too. You may have just been lucky so far, but you don't want to push your luck. You are wise to know that you are too young to have a baby. Remember you are not too young to get an STD. Babies aren't the only result from sex.

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    well if you just use condoms thats fine, but like you said somtiems he takes it off, then no, that is not ok, and you may get pregnant..

    so considering that he takes it off somtimes i would deff go on BC. BC doesnt always cause blood clots, rarely. but it may also make you gain weight, um maybe acne etc etc...

    but it makes your periods more regular..

    i recommend you looking into it

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