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My friend used me to get s3x?

okay so i went to the mall with my friend today and she met some dude there that from some website that she's only known for a couple days. She asked him to go there to do things with him at like some park or something, so she asked me for some alone time. I decided to call one of my friends. She took me with her to the movies with another friend. When i got back they had done sex and i had to lie to my parents about the whole thing because i had went to the mall without buying anything for like 4 hours. I really have the urge to tell my parents, but I also promised my friend i wouldn't tell anyone about it, and I feel betrayed because she used me to do that with some guy, but i don't want to hurt her feelings. She's only 14., and that guy was like 17(apparently). What should i do? Should i tell my parents about this or not?

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    Dont tell your parents, youd be betraying your friend.. but you should let your friend know that you risked getting in trouble because of her, and that you feel like she used you so that it doesnt happen again.

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    i think you are trying to be a great friend though she is only 14 not old enough for sex nor not old enough to no what she is fully doing i think you should tell your parents as they may only find out another way like do you no if they had protected sex or not as she could now even be pregnant how old are you if your 18 yrs or over you could get in trouble for not saying anything as it is classed as rap as she is only 14 think you should tell your parents they will have the best advise for you.

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    No don't tell your parents. You do want her to continue to be able to use you. And besides why would you want to stop her from engaging in very risky behavior, its not like it would bother you if she got AIDS or was killed by some psychopath who used the internet to get to her.

    It is your choice, you can try to save your friend from her own foolishmess or you can walk away.

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    Yes, tell ur parents. Very dangerous territory she's stepping in.

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