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theres a sore in back of my mouth where the jaws connect. it looks like a big white head but idk what it is...?

it showed up this morning. i have no idea what it would be from- i didnt do anything that would've invited bacteria in or anything...but i want to know whats up.

its not a canker sore, im pretty sure. its not in the right place for it, isnt that kinda look, i dont know.

help please?=]]

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    i just had a canker sore by my jaw like 2 weeks ago, hurt everytime i talked, it is possible to get one there, mine was like the worse one i ever had. they can show up any where were pink soft tissue is, which is like everywhere! lol except on the gums, they are never on the gums. so having it on your jaw, sounds right!

  • 1 decade ago

    It could be a tonsil stone.

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