How can i obtain my medical records from the Air Force Academy?

I had surgery on my Left ACL in 1995 at the air force academy, and am now trying to join the army,and the only paperwork i need is my medical records from this surgery so we can send my paperwork to meps, i tried to get the records from the academy, but they said that the records were retired in 2002, to the national personnell records in missouri, i contacted nprc, and they said i need to get an accession number from the academy, i got that from them, and re-sent my info to the npcr, and they said they still don't have it,and the academy has to have them.....i don't know what to do, my recuiter said we can send my paperwork up without it, but i would like to have everything when i go to meps for my physical, so there are no questions about what i had done, if anyone knows, please help, if you work in this department on the academy, that would be great...Thanks

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    1 decade ago
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    Contact the VA. They should know how and where to get them. If not, contact a service org. like the VFW or DAV. They have some back-doors to get stuff. Also contact your Congressman or Senator and ask for the Vet Rep at their office. Places like NARA hate getting mail from Capitol Hill.

    Source(s): VA 1-800-827-1000
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