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Alcohol Vaporizer?!?!?!?

Does anyone know any good alcohol vaporizers? Also, what are the pros and cons of alcohol vaporizers? Any and all information about them will be helpful. Thank You

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    I had never heard of this as a consumer product but I looked it up. This is my opinion on the subject.

    Number one-inhalation is the second fastest way to get a drug into the bloodstream-IV is first. If you wouldn't inject alcohol into a vein, I wouldn't think you'd want to inhale it either. The chances for OD here seem very real to me.

    I will reveal that as a student we tried this-it used to be used as treatment for a specific lung problem until it was proven ineffective. Of course, a bunch of us took Everclear and snuck into the RT lab and inhaled several mls-almost instant drunk, almost as instant BAD hangover.

    As for the claim that it is low calorie and carbohydrate-not true. ETOH is ETOH, however it is absorbed into the bloodstream, and your body processes it the same. You still have to watch a person's blood sugar if you give IV glucose, for example.

    Altogether, I think this sounds like risky business.

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    Vaporizer Alcohol

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    save your money. just go get some dry ice, and drop it in some liquor. Im not exactly sure the mechanism of operation, but the vapors have the alcohol in them. just a few pros/cons i could think of


    - by inhaling it you skip first pass metabolism (alcohol goes straight into your blood)

    - you will feel the effects much quicker

    - you don't need as much alcohol to get intoxicated

    - looks neat


    - by skipping first pass metabolism you can get dangerously high BAC without realizing

    - you don't need as much alcohol to get intoxicated

    - dry ice can cause burns (never drink the liquor after vaporizing it in case it has dry ice bits left in it)

    - may be uncomfortable and cause you to cough

    - take a break every so often as dry ice (solid CO2) can cause asphyxiation in high concentrations.

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