Too many RBS? 14-man league?

14-man league, non PPR, 1 Flex - I had the 14th pick... what do ya'll think?

(1)QB - David Garrard; Trent Edwards

(3)WR - Vincent Jackson; Kevin Walter; Lee Evans; Michael Crabtree; Ted Ginn, Jr.

(2)RB - Chris Johnson; Steve Slaton; Willie Parker; Chester Taylor

(1)TE - Visanthe Shiancoe; Brett Celek

(1)K - Rian Lindell

(1)DEF - Green Bay

(1)IDP - Barrett Ruud

Give me the good, the bad, and the ugly!

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    Chris Johnson+S.Slaton were absolute steals as late as you got them.

    (I think they will both have monster years.)

    But I think you should've got a QB with 1 of your next 2 picks;unless you just totally missed a big run of the top QBs between your picks.

    The 1st 4 picks are HUGE in a 14 team league,and while you aced your 1st 2 picks,the next 2 are hardly noticible; like were they V.Jackson+K.Walter? If so,they were both reaches.And Garrard would've been a reach that early,as well..This team might make the playoffs,and I could be wrong,but I don't see it advancing very far..

    (Your 3rd+4th picks were your biggest problem,in my opinion.)

    ~g0()d LuCk!~

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    I like your team but in my honest opinion your QB situation is just horrible, unless Garrard has a solid year which he could but he didn't do much last season. WR position could be stronger as I don't see any clear cut #1. I'm a niner fan and even I'll tell you to just drop Crabtree. He still hasn't signed and even if he does he is way too far behind to make a difference. Check the waivers and see who else is available.

    Overall I dunno maybe try trading for a QB. Still not too bad for a 14 man league.

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  • 1 decade ago

    ur qbs suck

    rbs r good

    everything good except the qbs

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