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How to deal with Someone talking Negative about you?

Me and this girl use to be best friends. For some reason she just stopped talking to me and i don't know why because i didn't do anything to her. Now shes spreading mean rumors about me and also calling me fat, which im not fat, but im not skinny, shes the skinny one. I'm shy and don't talk alot and shes one of those really loud people, and she knows i won't say anything to her because she knows im not the kind of person to stand up for myself. Lately shes just been really getting under my skin with her rude comments. Basically, my question is should i finally just stand up to her or should i just ignore her, or how do you just deal with people who talk **** about you?

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    There are some people in your life that are worth keeping, and some that are not.

    This girl is clearly not.

    Ignore her completely. Don't let what she says get under your skin; you are a far better person than her, don't bring yourself down to her level.

    If she's pathetic enough to spread rumours about you and say mean things, she's definitely not a person you need in your life.

    Focus on YOU, and don't let other people bring you down.

    When people talk sh*t about me, I laugh.

    It's quite sad that they're so insecure within themselves that they feel the need to hurt others.

    Don't let this girl do that to you.

    Laugh, ignore it, move on.

    You don't need the drama in life.

    All the best =)


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