Will Charging my laptop full time reduce the battery life?

Its my first time owning a laptop and I need to know if I can turn on my download at night and go to sleep. Coz when I wake up I need to use the internet. And I cant use the internet while downloading at the same time would I??

your help is greatly appreciated. thx :)

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    You are most likely using lithium ion batteries (most laptops do these days, otherwise its li-poly) While what is said earlier is true, lithium ion batteries have no memory effect, they do deteriorate with increased internal resistance. Keeping your battery charged at 100% all the time could deteriorate your battery lowering the threshold. It is very troublesome to keep a battery perfectly in check and lithium ion batteries are usually fairly resilient so I wouldn't worry too much about the battery life shortening because all batteries die at some time.

    The second question i'm not too sure if i understand it or not. If you are concerned whether you are able to download a file and surf the internet at the same time, it should be no problem. Why shouldn't we be able to download and surf at the same time?! If you have cable or dsl you should be able to do this very easily. With dial up, it may be slow, but it should still work. (although your telephone line will be tied up the whole time)

    I hope it helps! Best of luck!

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    It depends if your battery is Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) or Lithium Ion (LiON).

    NiMH is still used, but mainly in older laptops. The problem is that this battery type had a memory effect. If you didn't fully discharge the battery often, you'd lower the max battery life.

    LiON, on the other hand, is more commonly used now, and has no memory effect. That means it shouldn't effect its max battery life if it is plugged in most of the time.

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    1 decade ago

    it is not so recomendable to leave it on all night, but that doesnt mean your battery life will decrease. so relax

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