What is the best health care provider? Does anyone else think Kaiser is Sketchy?

Does anyone think Kaiser Permanente is sketchy. Someone recently called it "Kaiser Temporary" because they cancel you when you need medical care. Can anyone recomend a new provider that they have had little-no trouble with. I need surgery....

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    1 decade ago
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    I had the same provider for 13yrs ,and they did half of the job .you have appointment within 15min they call your name .the doctor comes in like have I treat you before. I was seeing the same doctor for all those years then I got real sick lost my job then six months later I lost my insurance I went to A hospital stanford university with in one year my health improved the nurse call me once a week to make sure I was ok I think university's is your best choice

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    at one time Kaiser was a good health care provider. That changed years ago. I know to many people that have had problems with them. My male cousin has been passing blood, they told him there is nothing wrong with him. He's been going to them for over a year with this issue. Men do not pass blood in there urine unless something is wrong. My foster brother had to go there for surgery on his appendix, and the receptionist wouldn't let him back into the doctors area. She

    kept taking payments from the patients. Finally a doctor came out to see what was going on. They opened him up just as his appendix burst. I can tell you story after story. Don't sign up with Kaiser if you have any other choices pick one of them. I don't know what kind of surgery you need. I would check with the social worker where your closest hospital is. Ask family and friends what type of insurance they have. Contact the hospitals and see which one sounds the best.

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