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Am I risking her life even more?

A lot of bad, f***ed up things have happened to my family these past few years. I have my dad sister and brother; we're all still in school and live at home. It's out last week of summer vacation, and I want to go away to see my aunt this week because things at home are too tough to live with. There's a lot of stress and responsibility. But my sister is really depressed and suicidal. I was going to go to my aunt's on wednesday which is the day she and my dad are having a meeting with her doctors to determine what to do. She might be going away. We used to be very close but when she got depressed she stopped talking to any one including me. So I can't really help her at all, but should I stay and help take care of her until we know what's gonna happen?

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    You can't help anyone without first helping yourself, and being in a stressful environment is tough. My family is the same way. Get away, go visit your aunt, and let the professionals handle your sister. She's going to do what she wants to do regardless of what anyone says. Clear your head, relax, and when you come back youll probably be more helpful than you could have been had you stayed.

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    If you had the power to make people not depressed, then that would have happened by now. Depression happens for all sorts of reasons not explained, even decades of medical school and doctor experience cannot help people. I know being a teenager totally sucks, and I have often thought things would be better if I just didn't have to deal with them. I also know that depressed people will just take you down with them. I would like to mention that a friend of a friend had been in a mental hospital for a couple of years, only to find out that she had metal poisoning, like lead or mercury. Get your sister to get all metals tested in her blood. good luck.

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    You need to consider your dads patience, and amount of love he can output, so if you leave, your showing your weakness, and proving that you cannot stand the household, leaving the family behind to put up with an issue. It's always key to take ownership, and assist because teamwork always works and it pays off. If your sister is suicidal, you should consult professional help, and have her assessed to her issue. Keeping positive attitude and positive intent will make your life much easier, but it just takes an extra step in doing so. Breathe, work out, and find a hobby. Hope that helps, and good luck with your issue.

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    Wait it off for a day, and the next day take your sister with you to go see your Aunt. Maybe that will help her feel better at least temporarily? Good luck hun, I've been through a lot of crap and I hope everything turns out for the best. <33

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    if you'll only make things worse

    if you two were as close as you say you do you think she would feel if you just left

    even if you cant do anything...she'd feel better if you were just there

    depression doesnt change who someone is really..they are stil the same person inside..just on the inside theyre just insecure and scared...a lot of the time, its about being alone...

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    definitely, don't take everything too serious, that's just part of playing the game of life

  • yes! i think you should its your sister, you should show her that you are still there for her no matter what

    sorry about your problemss

    keep your head up

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    you should probably stay, just for moral support, good luck :)

    Source(s): also, im very sorry these things are happening!
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