what are some 150-250cc "vespa" style scooter prices? any advice?

I'm just wondering how much a 150-250cc vespa style scooter might cost...

please dont tell me about motorcycles or those bicycle moped things....

Just scooters...

I'm a college student looking for reliable and cheap transportation to and from work and school... Most likely just back and forth about a mile or two, but if i get hired in the next town over there might be a possible 15-30 mile commute in store for me...

So i'm looking for something I might have to take on the highway..

Just a little scooter, cheap on gas... prices? suggestions? thanks


I have a wife... Part of the reason I want a scooter opposed to a huge scary motorcycle... I want something she wont be afraid to ride on, and maybe one day will learn to ride!

Update 2:

Well since me and my wife both weigh 150 pounds... lol

I know what you mean about starting out with something that could kill you...

So I'm thinking maybe I could learn on a 150cc honda or suzuki... maybe yamaha?

And I'm looking at 2000-3000?

that isnt so bad.. especially if I could put it on a credit card or use some student loan money.... and it would definitely help...

We have a car... but I was thinking it would be much more logical to get a scooter rather than a second car for me and my wife.. that way i could do all my commuting with much cheaper gas prices...

I wasn't necessarily thinking of taking her everywhere, so since we are within the weight limit, maybe taking her every once in awhile to get her used to riding wouldn't be so bad (like i said, she is very scared of things with 2 wheels, her dad died in a very bad biking accident)

Do i have the jist of things? or am i still off??

150cc good to start with? or no?

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    Check this out. you said college student which translates to me, just one step up from broke @ss with the books and what not being ridiculous. Next you ask for Vespa "styled" scooters so you are steering away from a proven product, and going down a pretty dark path to failure. If you want cheap it won't be reliable. You get what you pay for. If you want a Vespa styled scooter, then buy one. Don't cheap out, and expect to have a good outcome. You should cross off anything from China since they are good only as paperweights. The place you buy it fromshould deal in scooters and other two wheeled rides, not cars with scooters as a 'side' enterprise. That will have a poor outcome. For a cheap price she will not be able to ride with you cecause it will be limited in engine size typically about 150 cc for a ride with an easy to pay for price. They carry a weight restriction for that size about 300 pounds or so depending on model so unless you both are wicked small that wouldn't work with any gear/ groceries etc. On the highway you will need to go higher than a 250 scooter especially if you intend to carry a passenger, and now you are talking about some serious money, motorcycle high money.

    You still need to get a license and that means training on a motorcycle anyway. You wouldn't start off with a Formula 1 car for your first car, and you shouldn't start off with anything too large for a motorcycle, or even a scooter as well. Both can easily kill you in a crash.

    You want to go cheap and that doesn't mean scooter because of reliability issues. You want highway speeds and that means larger displacement not a Vespa styled ride. You want reliable transportation and for me that means Honda, and not a scooter.

    I started ou the scooter route, wasted $2,500 I could have put into a bike, and got something I can use for a lawn ornament since that's all it's good for. If you want to give it a ride go right ahead, but if you are relying on this to get you to college, then your best play would be a small displacement modern bike.

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    1 decade ago

    Word of advice, stay away from the chinese scooters, ie the really cheap ones. I had one and now know why I was told the same thing. I did just buy an KYMCO Exciting 250, they have the Honda "knock-off" motors and I LOVE mine! It is very comfortable, will easily do 80mph and get 65mpg and has loads of room, but they are around $6k new. The SYM is also just like it(quality wise).

    Hope this helps!

  • 5 years ago

    The Genuine scooter company falls in the area better than the shoddy imported Chinese and the more expensive Vespa lines.

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    1 decade ago

    scooters are nerdy, good luck getting a girlfriend.

    my 400cc will whoop it any day =|

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  • 5 years ago

    I have one for sale. cardman26@yahoo.com

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