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Stone Cold was an A** Hole? It's worth reading?

By 2002, Austin's spot as top face in the WWF was not secure as it had been, as Triple H was set to return from injury. At the time, Vince McMahon had re-signed Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash for a storyline that would bring the New World Order (nWo) into the WWF. They feuded with Austin and The Rock. Austin was originally intended to be the one to challenge Hogan at WrestleMania, but because of their inability to agree on a finish, Austin refused, and The Rock took his place and defeated Hogan. At WrestleMania X8, Austin defeated Scott Hall instead. Austin took a week long break following WrestleMania, refusing to show up for the following night's Raw.

Austin returned on the April 1, 2002 episode of Raw, the first of the new "brand extension" era. The show was centered on which show he would sign with, and he ultimately chose Raw. Austin entered a feud with the Undertaker that resulted in a number one contenders match for the WWF Undisputed Championship at Backlash, which Austin lost. He would later be betrayed by Big Show, who went on to rejoin the nWo, and Ric Flair. Austin then defeated Big Show and Flair in a handicap match at Judgment Day. Austin's last appearance was on June 3, when he defeated Flair in a match where Flair became Austin's servant. After Austin no-showed an episode of Raw, the angle was dropped.[36] Austin had decided to walk out again because of bad storylines that were presented to him by the creative team.[36] This time though, he did not return for almost nine months. Bored and run down, Austin began to create problems backstage as the WWF rehired Eddie Guerrero for Austin to feud with, while prepping Austin for a feud with Brock Lesnar. Austin, however, vetoed any matches that would result in him losing and ultimately walked out of the company when the writing staff wanted Austin to lose to Lesnar.[36] Austin later explained that he thought hot-shotting a victory did no favors to either side, as it made Austin look weak losing to a rookie and did not give Lesnar a proper stage for such a big win over a star of the magnitude that Austin held. Further fanning the flames amongst Austin's growing number of detractors was a well-publicized domestic dispute incident between Austin and his wife Debra.[36]

His push in the late 90's wasn't even intended for him, it was created for HHH. But HHH was punished for an incident known as " the MSG Incident". Look it up


WOW!!! Imagine Hulk Hogan vs Stone Cold at wrestlemania, Too bad stone cold was a B**ch about the buisness

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    This is old news.

    Besides, HBK was the same backstage, Hulk Hogan was the same, Bret Hart was at times, Kevin Nash was the same, Randy Orton has caused problems backstage...backstage politics and disagreements between wrestlers and a company's creative is nothing new to wrestling. Comes with the territory.

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    I actually agree with Austin on this one, he was given awful story lines to work with, they wanted him to lose to Brock on an episode of Raw that had no build to it, they did not even want to try an make it interesting, and Hogan is very difficult to work with, because as everyone knows he plays a lot of politics backstage to get WHAT he wants.

    The only thing Austin did wrong was beat his wife Debra, which he deserves to be called a little B*tch @ss @sshole for that, but as far as the wrestling business goes, WWE was offering him some crappy stories plus he had his previous neck injury to deal with, which had cause Steve to have worries about getting in the ring.

    Austin really made the Attitude era what it was, and I just can't see HHH being as dominate as Austin at that time, and as far as the MSG incident, HHH was punished for that, and that is understandable, but WWE made the right decision, and made the best decision for business.

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    I'm too tired to read all of that. But Stone Cold was awesome man.

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  • Yep he will never be Shawn Michaels.

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