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Whats the name of this color...?

I went to Bermuda on a cruise this summer, and one color of the houses there was this turquoise-blue color and I absolutely love it. I want to paint my room that color, so if you can help me find out a name of the paint it would be verrrrryy helpful! okay, click below for a picture of the house..

thanks, and hope you can help :D

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    Sky blue. You could also print off that picture and take it in to a paint shop and get them to match the colour exactly. I've done it before =)

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    Riviera Paradise: 530B-7

    just use the number 530B-7 to find it under the search for color tool at the bottom of the site. hope its the one your looking for!

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    you can take that picture to a home depot and they have this thing that reads the color and gives them the "recipe" to make it for you

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    i think its sky blue or orphan blue...something like that

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