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is it easier to find good deals on road bikes during the winter?

looking for a deal on a really nice used or new road bike. want to start cycling/training pretty seriously, but am willing to wait to buy if the winter is better. what do you think?

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    With bike shops, the deals come in the fall. That's when the past year's models are sold on clearance for space for the next year's models. For example, I think the new Cannondales have been coming for the past few weeks.

    Before Christmas, the prices probably won't go down as much as the clearance sales that are going on around now. After Christmas, you might get something better.

    With used bikes on craigslist and ebay, bikes may sell for lower prices during the winter, but you also have a smaller selection (People aren't thinking as much about selling bikes then).

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    Everything is a better deal out of season. Snowboards in the Summer & road bikes in the Winter.

    If you're looking at a higher end used bike, I doubt you'll save much by waiting, but shops will have more sales on new ones in the Winter to get rid of old stock & keep money coming in. Last years models will sometimes have up to 30-40% off on them.

    I'm not patient enough to wait ;p

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    Start slowly, on soft ground like grass and sandy trails, then slowly work up to asphalt and tile. There is no need for any pain or blisters if you switch gradually. And feet do NOT need support; here's a paragraph from "Survey in China and India of Feet That Have Never Worn Shoes": "One hundred and eighteen of those interviewed were rickshaw coolies. Because these men spend very long hours each day on cobblestone or other hard roads pulling their passengers at a run it was of particular interest to survey them. If anything, their feet were more perfect than the others. All of them, however, gave a history of much pain and swelling of the foot and ankle during the first few days of work as a rickshaw puller. But after either a rest of two days or a week's more work on their feet, the pain and swelling passed away and never returned again. There is no occupation more strenuous for the feet than trotting a rickshaw on hard pavement for many hours each day yet these men do it without pain or pathology."

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    Here in Australia, I find about 3 months after the next year models come out, the new models come out about half way through the year here, right in the middle of winter, so by spring most shops have the superseded models to get rid of.

    In the US, you probably get the new models around February or March so about mid year, they shops should be looking to off load the 'old' stock.

    It'll depend on when you get the next model to when they start getting itchy to move that 'old' model, there's nothing wrong with them especially if you get a couple of $100 of the 'new' price.

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    If you are looking to buy from the local bike shop you can get better deals on last years models. On ebay and Craig's list you can find good deals depending on the sellers desperation.

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    not if i;m selling it!


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