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Roddick/Federer Semifinal?

Do you think we are in for a Roddick/Federer semifinal? I believe so, the way both these guys played today was unbelievable. Roddick was barely missing a shot and Bjorn Phau was playing pretty well. So, what do you think?!

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    It's very likely, but if you're a Roddick fan it would be wise not root for it. History tends to repeat itself when these two get together, which is unfortunate for Roddick.

    Both guys just put it on cruise control today, they each put themselves in some adverse spots allowing each other to be broken, but it was like they both let their opponent break them just so they could break them right back. They'll both like cruise right into their Quarters, and then turn it on against Djokovic for Roddick and probably Davydenko for Federer.

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    That would be great to see but after the 2nd round he might have Isner, Verdasco, and Djokovic before he can get to Federer. All three of those guys have been playing very well recently.

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    I hope so. :D

    But like I've been saying, he has a tough road ahead if all goes as planned...

    The best thing would for him to get to the semis defeat Federer and win in the finals. :)

    Next best thing would be Djokovic in the semis.. Too bad that one of these guys will probably take the other out in the quarterfinals. :(

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