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were can i buy a dog backpack?

on that is cheaper in price but good quality.

what size my dog weights 84 pounds.

i want to get him toned up haha his a pitbull

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    I have one of these that fits on my labs and doberman:

    you can get it at most pet stores, and they are pretty good.

    you should not put weights in it to tone him up. try walking him a lot, or try teaching him to pull and entering him in pulling competitions.

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    pitties are naturally muscular. 84 lbs is about the largest size. they are only medium breeds. mine weighs 67 lbs and will be 2 yrs in january. do not put weights in the backpack. this can slow bone growth or even worse create deformities as their bodies are not accustomed to pulling weight like other breeds. i.e german shepard/st bernards... pitt bulls will build the most muscle from strenuous exercise. they need 2-4 hours of rigorous exercise a day. playing with another dog or playing around with you doesnt count. my vet reccommends 2 miles *minimal* at a fast walk/ steady jog. anyways 84 lbs is pretty maxed out. make sure he is on a good quality food also! and if you wanted something bigger you should have picked a different breed! love him for the body hes got!!! they are amazing dogs

    Source(s): pitt owner/vet asst
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    I just saw one at the pet store here Pet Food Express (San Jose CA)

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    Petsmart, Petco, Ebay,Dr Foster and Smith (just type the names in and it will give you the website) they should have dog back packs

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