Doesn't this article disgust you all, why we fund private schools is beyond me (Australian question)?

And if someone says that our public system couldn't cope because of not funding them, I will scream because the USA funds all its students like $30,000 a year to go and the private schools are expected to pay full fees becuase its a private school, it would defeat the purpose if the government funded them I really am starting to think Australians are more and more money hungry than anywhere else, the usa is implementing Universal Quality health care at the moment too, it has more money and uses it wisely, I congratulate Obama and think the government there or New Zealand or Canada does a better job than our **** one, what do you think? as this quote said, if a person from a poorer background would to get a good quality education, it wouldn't be Australia, check this quote "The OECD 2000 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) found that the gulf between rich and poor students in Australia was one of the worst in the industrialised world. OECD Education Director, Dr Barry McGaw commented: “If you are going to be born in circumstances of poor family background, it would be better to be born in Finland, Korea, Japan or Canada than in Australia.”

And I agree with them being called So Called Private Schools, more like government subsidy schools with what this says, .

And I don't get why we fund Kings College in Sydney and The Southport School on the gold coast when public schools can't even have air con or get a toilet fixed and have far more expensive students to teach such as students with disabilities, aboriginal people, ESL students and poorer students, like this is Australia, there is absolutely no equity in Our Education System and what money and they can pick and choose who they have, why give them money when they don't have special units for all of the above, its so unfair and guess what they use the money on, useless bloody swimming pools, tennis courts, more halls, better facilities, which australian public schools need but can't get because of these greedy bums who aren't even and don't show a bit Christian values or so called Christian values, I thought Australia was a fair go country, guess I was totally wrong, what do you think? I hate our government who is conservative, please comment on this and what a load of bullshit with the education revolution, didn't happen for public schools thats for sure, Public schools do better in other countries such as Britain, New Zealand, Canada and surprisingly USA (which I thought was a money hungry society) shame australia, shame.

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    I go to a public school in Western Australia and I've found the only real difference in the education between my peers and I and friends who go to private schools is that they seem to get way more homework than us. But in the long run, if you have the brains to go to university or whatever then it doesn't matter if you went to a public school or a private school, does it? With private schools you tend to be more of a social outcast. You're a lot more snobby, and you tend to think that you're more superior, just because your parents have more money (or decided to be in A LOT of debt?). I'm complete satisfied with being at a public school. I'm getting a more than satisfactory education, and have a promising future. However maybe more funding for public schools wouldn't be so bad because like you said, there are more expensive students to teach at public schools so maybe the teachers should get paid more? I've heard some of my teachers cop alot of crap form some students, but I don't really know about what they get paid so yeah I'm not sure.

    My friend Lewis who comes from England said that his school was a lot better than the one he goes to here, but it's still an alright school. He came from a really rich public school, and in every classroom there were hitech intereactive electronic whiteboards. Here we even have chalkboards in some of our classes, yet he has never progressed so much in maths. Just goes to show money isn't everything. :)

    P.S: Well done on such an intelligent question. We were lost for some of it! Just goes to show that not everyone in Aus is stupid xD

    Source(s): Kayla and Lewis' opinions and experiences ^_^
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    I didnt even read your article, all im going to say is that all political parties should be dissolved and we should start from scratch, they are out of touch with society, they can even vote themselves a payrise WTF???

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