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If a guy calls you his sister does that mean he just sees you as a good friend and would never date you?

I barely know a guy that'a always being nice and calling me his sister. Does that mean he sees me as a friend only?

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    It actually could be a way of flirting with you since he barely knows you why would he call you a sister ya know He could also think that he is close to you or he thinks he known you for a while Or the closest thing to it would be he cares about you, and thinks of you like a cool chick that would be like one of the guys and get along with his guy friends. I honestly think you should go for it and ask him to go out alone and see how he really feels. Has he ever flirted with you or made a pass prob not because if he calls you his sister that is his way of telling you.

    Or if you can't ask him to go out then try flirting with him and see how he reacts!

    Source(s): I been called that and it turned out the guy had no other way of swhowing me or telling me he had a crush on me Good luck hun
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    If you barely know him, you still have a chance. I call some girls, "sister" when talking to them, and I would date some of them.

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    Sorry but yeah. If he thinks of you as his sister than he obviously wouldnt want to date you. sorry =/

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    it means he sees you as a great person and that you guys have the same mental track (good thing) i had a friend like that and then i fell in love with her. sooo i dunno. just be careful wearing thongs around him.

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  • His feelings towards you is friendship ONLY. take care !

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    yeah unless he is from alabama

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    Yes. (friend only).

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