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i really feel like i'm losing my mind?

everyday i find myself doing weird things that someone sane wouldn't do. do i keep doing these things or what do i do? why am i losing my mind? i've had a really difficult past 2 months and i don't think i can do it anymore. plus i'm in therapy for generalized anxiety disorder and panic attack disorder, i've been there for a little over a year, but she can't seem to determine what causes the anxiety. i have periods of anxiety which turns into depression lasts a couple months and turns back into anxiety. my therapist said it's common to have depression turn into anxiety and vice versa. i feel like i'm tired from suffering from this disorder is there anything i can do other then meds and why am i losing my mind?

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    Stress is the chief cause of most anxiety, panic and social phobias. But stress is not just about feeling tense and wired. It's about the triggering of our hard-wired "Fight or Flight Response." And it's about the release of toxic hormones — drip, drip drip — into our system. These hormones seep into our blood and tissues where, over time, they set up conditions for "attacks" of fear, anxiety and panic.

    Causes Of Anxiety Attacks

    While science is still unsure of an accurate answer as to the specific causes of anxiety attacks, but there are some common triggers that are known to play a role.

    Stress hormones released into our system cause panic attacks, it follows that anything that causes these stress hormones to be released, can potentially act as a trigger for panic attack.

    If you know that a particular situation stresses you, and you feel that situation is impending, chances of that stress escalating into a panic attack increase. Traumatic events, which cause significant stress in life, also can lead to these anxiety attacks.

    Fear plays the biggest role in attacks. Just knowing that you are afraid of a particular object or situation, and you feel you may be exposed to that object or situation, will allow that fear to escalate into a full panic attack.

    There are also certain medical conditions, which lead to panic attacks, so it is important to see a physician to determine if any of those conditions apply to you.

    Natural Self Treatment Techniques and Tips

    Learn deep breathing techniques. Deep breathing can allow your body to calm down when you begin to feel anxious. Controlled breathing relaxes the tightened muscles, and this has a direct effect on reducing the feelings of anxiety and panic felt by body. Begin your breathing exercise as soon as you feel the first sign of a panic attack.

    It may take a bit of a practice to get there, but try doing this for at least couple of minutes, and gradually increase it as you can.

    Relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation also help out in dealing with anxiety attacks in the long run.

    Behavioral therapy that focuses on modifying your reactions to certain situations, and altering your thought pattern that would trigger your fear can be part of the panic attack treatment.

    Remember the common triggers of panic attacks? Stress and Fear.

    There are plenty of stress management tips that focus on helping us change the way we react to situations; and by proactively working to prevent stress, we equip ourselves better in dealing with anxiety attacks that can potentially be triggered by it.

    And if we practice facing our fears in day-to-day situations, you will soon feel more confident in daily challenges, and this will help to overcome your panic attacks.

    Natural Treatment Options

    By extension, facing your fears can apply to the fear of the panic attack itself; learning to face your fear of a recurring panic attack, can potentially minimize our chances of such an attack happening a second time.

    There are few natural treatment options that rely on this technique for overcoming panic attacks, without resorting to the use of medications; their main advantage being they are typically devoid of side affects, that could sometimes be caused by medications.

    I had came across many pp get treated "PANIC ATTACKS"

    even for many years & even without taking medicines.

    U might want to consider this :

    God bless & Take care :)

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    You appropriate medication form a qualified medical expert. A talk therapist probably thinks the sessions are required for you enjoy a quality of life. Find someone to treat your debilitating anxiety so that you can feel comfortable much of the time. Your mental health is not advanced by talking to someone who is clueless about your intensely painful anxiety symptom complex.

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    You seem, from your question, to have a good grip on reality, and that is something you can use to hold onto your sanity. I guess you should just express your concerns with your therapist and continue to discuss them. If you think you aren't getting a successful outcome from your medication, you should talk to your parents and all of you discuss it with your therapist. There are alternate therapies and you may have to try a few before you find a good solution. But I think it is best to coordinate with your therapist, and don't alter your medication unless everybody has agreed to try something different.

    Good luck, and I think that ultimately you are in better shape if you are able to think about your situation like you are proven to be able to, rather than some people who don't even have a grip on reality at all.

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    these are some things i do:

    get on a consistent schedule. go to bed and wake at about the same time, eat at the same time etc.

    physically exercise a few times a week. its really good for your body and mind.

    explore meditation

    if you have the time and the money you could get a pet. nurturing another creature is good for your own mental health and can relieve stress too. if a pet is too much work, get a plant

    eat balanced, eat fresher food. you'll be amazed how much your diet can affect your mind.

    i hope these help, take things as they come

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    sounds just like the begin of generalised anxiousness ailment, i've this ailment and i do know precisely the way you suppose.. its now not precisely the begin of it.. simply that the evaluation was once the cause of it! krash has stated that you've a chemical imbalance.. unfaithful! G.A.D is a found out ailment.. not anything to do with intellectual sickness.. and cure will on no account style it, simply subdue signs. i advocate you ask your health care professional his/her opinion.. additionally seem up G.A.D and its signs. if you'll determine with the indicators of G.A.D. dont fear, study approximately it by means of studying know-how and check out to recognize it, its a rough factor to manage however its now not the top and your now not wasting your brain. suppose loose to message me for those who consider you've got this situation, as i know the way rough it was once for me on the establishing and that i desire i had anyone who would advisor me by way of a few elaborate moments! i nonetheless get it.. and sure its nonetheless rough to these days.. however mainly it's achievable and bearable

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    I wish i could help you. I have been watching your questions and it seems like your going through a tough time. I think you have a good heart, but you need a friend who understands you and can accept the way you feel and give you some guidence.

    I hope you find it one day.

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