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My dog is trying to hump me all of a sudden!? Any ideas!?

Well he's a 2 year old maltese and I was watching tv. Then all of a sudden he comes over to me and wraps his paws around my arm then he just tries to hump me!!?? I know gross!! But please don't leave any bad advice but please help!! Because he's just doing it all of a sudden and its kinda awkward considering he's my dog and he's doing something he's nevre tried/done before?! Sooooo please give some nice informative advice.

ThankYou :)

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    is he neutured? if not, he will not stop until he is neutered because his humping your leg is his way of telling you he is frusterated like hell, and also, thats his way of getting his frusterations out.

    if he is neutered, he is humping you to assert dominance, meaning he thinks he has superiority over you.

    you would at that point need to work, every day with the dog to show it you are the alpha dog of the pack.



    good luck

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    First off start training him not to hump, when he starts, correct him vocally and put him on the floor. If he persists, put him in a different room for a few minutes every time he tries. Then make an appointment with the vet to have him neutered, it does solve the problem in most cases.

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    Adolescent dogs aren't so very different from teenage humans, at least in attitude--hyper, inattentive, driven by hormones (if they're not neutered or spayed, anyway), exasperating, but somehow lovable in spite of it all--at least most of the time.

    During adolescence, your dog will:

    * Become more interested in the big, wild world than she is in you. A dog who once happily bounded up to you when you called may suddenly become deaf to the "come" command.

    * Have lots of energy and need a good amount of exercise.

    * Become sexually mature. Males may hop fences and take off in search of the ladies, and they may mark in the house to claim their territory. Females will mark to advertise their availability to the guys. Both may become aggressive with other dogs of the same sex.

    Here's more info.

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    I just got my puppy today he is 7 weeks old and he is already humping! I don't know what to say about that...and it was on his brother :( I have lots to look forward to.....

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    my friends dog is only like 4 months old & he already starts to hump...don't worry its normal. if u want it to stop then get him neutered

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    Get Him Nudered/Spaded.

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    My dog has had his snipped. He still humped after that. I suggest to train him not to do it.

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