What Factors Affect Child Custody?

My sister is an unwed mother in south carolina. Her ex, the baby's father, is a very abusive person who, throughout her pregancy and continuing to today, has physically and verbally abused my sister. His refusal to help out with the expenses of raising a child and his insistence on seeing the baby only at his convenience resulted in my sister refusing to let him see the child at all.

My sister currently lives with my parents, has a seperate bedroom just for the baby, provides all medical and othe care for the child, goes to nursing school and maitains a part-time job while continuing to care for the child. However, her ex insists that he can take the baby away from her. His name is not on the birth certificate and he has not spent a dime towards the wellbeing of the baby. Does he have a leg to stand on, or are we worrying about nothing?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    talk to a lawyer, that's the right person

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