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Hahaha, Weird question about drooling problems?

Haha, Well, about a year ago, I had braces for the second time. And, I had drooling problems, because, well I don't really know WHY, but, I did. And at first I thought it was just my braces, but once I got them off, I still have really bad drooling problems.

Like when I talk for like 2-3 sentences, my mouth is full of saliva. [haha, very strange, haha]

Well, I was just wondering. What could I do to keep my mouth relatively dryER than it is now. Haha.

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    I never wore braces but I can relate with excess production of saliva. Actually, there are a few times where I don't swallow, such as when I sing or focus very hard on certain types of video games (such as a battle that requires full concentration, my mouth is a swimming pool by the end ^_^). But the reason I don't swallow when I sing is because stopping to swallow interrupts the flow of a song, a quick breath in general will not. I also allow a lot of saliva to build up in my mouth when I smile a lot (I apologize for the imagery of the following statement if you find it disgusting), I have thick strings between my teeth to the point where I look like a crazy comic book character. ^_^

    The only way to dry your mouth out is to drink less fluid and eat more dry food, such as pretzels. You may be over-hydrated. I do not practice medicine in any way, so don't take my answer as sound medical advice, but I can tell you from experience that the more hydrated you are, the more saliva you produce. To avoid drooling, tilt your head back like I do when I'm singing and I feel drool about to seep out, alas, during a long song with no breaks, you can hear the saliva sloshing around in my mouth towards the end as I attempt to enunciate words, especially those words with a lot of "s", "x", and "z" sounds. I actually don't hypersalivate, but when someone doesn't swallow for three minutes, that person's mouth can become quite full. ^_^ Because of that, I only performed once, I was quite sure that others could hear my saliva swishing in my mouth, although nobody else said anything over it.

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    hahahah me too!

    Source(s): i still have braces
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