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How do I get rid of the huge spaces un between my big toe and long toe?

All summer I have been wearing nothing but flippy floppies for shoes and now there is a 1/2 inch space between my big toe and second toe (long toe) on each foot?

It does not pop like a bone pop.

I have never had it before.

I've tried to hold them together with small ponytails for 5 minutes, but it didn't work.

How do I get rid of the space so my foot looks normal? Can I bend the bone back or something?

Also, does the Ped Egg work on foot calluses?

I'm in Mesa, AZ so it's going to be hot out for a few weeks more so I'm just going to wean off the flops later.

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    I have a big space between my 2nd and third toes, my friend jokes that they look like horse shoes. I don't think there is anything you can do about it, and I don't really think it's something to worry about. It's such a little thing to dwell on.

    And yes, the ped egg works on calluses, but be careful. When the blade is fresh it can leave little tiny cuts on your skin that really hurt. I use it a little bit and then file my feet down with one of those things that looks like it has sandpaper on it. Then I put lotion on and my feet look really good. But it only lasts a few days, unfortunately.

    Hope that helps.

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    The gap between your big toe and second toe is normal and is most likely the natural shape of your foot.

    Shoes and such cause your feet and toes to be in unnatural positions and sometimes squeeze your toes together causing bunions and corns. Be thankful you don't have any of those.

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