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How often do you have to switch your contact solution from your contact lens case?

How often do you have to switch your contact solution (like rinsing it out) for your contact lens case? In other words, how often do you have to put in new contact solution for case for storing your contacts? Do you do it everyday? i feel like it's a waste of solution to do it every single day..

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    I feel like your question is whether you need to change the solution when you are simply STORING your lenses and not actually WEARING them. If I am understanding your question correctly, then no, you don't need to change it every day. You need to change it every time you put your contacts in.

    If I'm misunderstanding you, though, and you are asking permission to reuse the solution over and over, the NO, you must not do this. It will only lead to infection.

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    you should be changing contact solution each time you take your contacts out! If you keep using the same contact solution over and over again you could cause an infection, because all that dirt and bacteria and stuff that was cleaned off the first time will just go right back on your contacts the next time you put them back in the case. If you keep doing that you might as well just not take them out at all. its like you are washing in mud to get clean...

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    You won't feel like it's a waste of solution when you get a gnarly infection that requires surgery to fix.

    Contact lens solution is sterile, not antibiotic. While it comes out of the bottle sterile, the second the contact lens goes into the solution, all the bacteria that was on it, as well as the bacteria on your fingers, falls into that solution. Bacteria can then continue reproducing inside the contact lens case.

    You NEED to always dump out the solution in there as soon as you take your contacts out to wear them, and always put new solution in before you store your contacts again.

    If you need further motivation, google image search for "corneal ulcer".

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    If you're going to do one thing for looking after your contact lenses it should be soaking them in fresh solution every day.

    You're just asking for a nasty eye infection if you re-use it.

    It would probably save you about $50 a year too - I don't think that's worth risking your eyesight.

    Source(s): 10 years in optometry.
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