what kind of switch is this?

The switch on my blender recently broke. I looked inside the blender, and it looks very simple to replace. the problem is that I don't know what kind of switch it is. It was a flip switch, where the middle was off, flipping it up turned it on, and flipping it down would also turn it on but only as long as you held the switch down. Is there a special name for this kind of switch and would I find it at my local electronics store?


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    Actually you need to take it out of the blender or at least take the cover off so that you can see how pany pins are on the back of the switch. If it has 6 little connections then it is a Double pole Double Throw or DPDT with spring return, if it has three it is called a single pole double throw with a spring return or "SPDT spring" . Radio Shack isn't likely to have one of these and I doubt the local hardware store does either. You'll need to find one that is rated for (I'm assuming) 120 volts and whatever amperage you need or higher that will fit in the blender. If you cant find the spring return switch a regular switch of the correct rating will work, you'll just hae to make the "pulse" feature by hand. An electrical supply that specializes in appliances would probably have one though.

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    confusing aspect. query over google and yahoo. just that might help!

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