Can a employer ask for personal banking info to secure a company credit card in your possession?

I live in California and my wife's company wants her to give them access to our bank account if the credit card statement does not add up to the receipts they want to pull the difference out of our checking account. To me it does not sound legal.

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    Uhh..nope! Don't give them your information! First of all, they have no right to your private banking information, unless you are asking for your payroll checks to be directly deposited into your bank account. Then, and only then, is it appropriate for them to have that information. However, at NO time is it legal to deduct from your bank account for a difference in the credit card statement balance. If your wife has a card and does not turn in all the receipts that apply to that statement, they can possibly require her to pay it back to them, but certainly not to pull it directly out of your bank account at their own free will.

    Absolutely don't do this! Contact the Labor Board and ask them about this. I am certain they will tell you the same thing.

    Use the link below to find a district office in your area.

    Seriously, please give them a call before giving any information like that to her employer for that purpose. I suggest not saying anything to the employer until you have talked to the Labor Board about this. And if they fire her for refusing to do this, take that information to the Labor Board as well. That would be wrongful termination in myopinion. This is some shady business and you need to protect yourself!

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    It depends on the nature of the job.

    It's best to open a separate checking account, and use that exclusively for the job finances. Have the job direct-deposit the paychecks there. She can withdraw money from there and put it in your joint account.

    That way your joint account is not touched.

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    whether it is legal or not you don't want to do it under any circumstance. if they want to give her a company credit card let them, if they don't trust her, they shouldn't give her the card.

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