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Is my best friend crushing on me? Are we falling in love?

Ok so Nina and I have been like best friends since we were 10. We're now 15, and we've always been like cousins. We hang out all the time, go out to places and we have sleepovers, we carpool, and we go swimming together, and we play Wii, and I could go on for hours.

But recently I've noticed that when we talk, she stares at my lips . Another thing is that she greets me by hugging me from behind and whispering in my ear. The times when we go out to places seem to be becoming more and more like dates.

One other thing worth noting is that last week, when we went swimming, Nina seemed self conscious about her body. See, she'd just gotten a new two piece bathing suit and I noticed she was blushing the whole time, and she kept adjusting her bikini top when she thought I wasn’t looking.

A few nights ago our friend Alex hosted a back to school party at her house that Nina and I went to. Everything was going great, and Nina and I were partners in every dance, until the last dance when things got kinda awkward. Up till then, it didn’t matter who you danced with. But that last dance was for couples. Your dance partner in this dance was usually already dating you, or if not, then you would probably get together after words. I asked Nina to dance it with me cause I didn’t think I'd feel comfortable with anyone else. We got through it. She was blushing, and I bet I was too. Alex didn't help matters when she called everyone over to play....Spin the bottle. Yeah. You can probably guess what happened next. Nina spun the bottle, it landed on me. Under peer pressure, we shared our first kiss. It was nice, but uncomfortable because we were both embarrassed.

To top it off, we had a sleepover that night at my house, Nina and me. And it would have been alright, except that when we were changing into our pajamas, I thought Nina was taking the DOWNSTAIRS bathroom. Needless to say, I walked in on her completely naked.


Yeah, she screamed, I stuttered an apology, and shut the door. Afterwards, she wasn’t mad, she knew it was an accident. In fact, once she'd calmed down, she didn’t seem remotely upset that it had happened.

Now, I don't mean to sound like a pervert or anything, but damn! I hadn’t realized how much Nina had blossomed through the years, and how gorgeous she'd become.

And 1 thing I noticed. During the whole, maybe 10 seconds that I saw her naked, she didn’t once try to cover herself….

So yeah, what do you think that means? What do you think all her actions mean? Does she like me? Are we together now?

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    wow... the age old question.... i think she probably does like you. it sounds like she does the blushing and self conciousness are all signs. but don't let her feel self concious

    if you like her in that way tell her to stop worrying about how she looks because (if she really is beautiful) tell her that!

    it will help with the nervouseness and really get things on a roll

    so if you like her in that way i think that you should take the plunge and like tell her she's beautiful

    or aks her politely if she wants to go have coffe sometime.. just to see what happens

    if she likes you she will 1. feel more confortable once you do that

    2 it will help you :P

    i hope i helped

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