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ive been starving myself, getting by on very little fruits and carrots and healthy small things like that(about 300 calories a day), also taking vitamins. i have not been exercising. this has only been going on for about 2 weeks and ive lost some weight. please understand i don't plan on sticking to this, but am looking for advice. If i were to start eating 1200-2000 calories of healthy food(fruit, vegatables, egg whites...low fat), and began exercising, would i be able to continueously lose the weight? PLEASE NO LECTURES ON STARVING. i realize the risk.

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    The problem is that your current diet has seriously slowed down your metabolism. Your body is in starvation mode so it is prone to storing all the fat that it can get. As you know, you will eventually have to get off this diet. When you do increase your calories, you probably will gain weight initially. However, not to worry. If you get on a diet that you are eating very well (and eating enough that your body stops storing fat out of fear of starving) you probably will experience a gradual weight loss. The weight loss that takes a while is the type that you can probably keep off. If you can get on an exercise regiment (especially cardio) you will lose weight at a faster rate. The key is to find an exercise you enjoy otherwise you won't be able to stay committed long term. Also, drink plenty of water--sometimes the body misinterprets thirst for hunger. Also make sure you get lean protein and fiber--both will help you stay full longer. Wish you luck!

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    since you are exercising and starving yourself at the same time, your metabolism has sped up rapidly. this is a good thing. keep on exercising and slowing start eating more and more calories a day(100 more per day) until you are back to a normal 1600 cal per day. this will train your body to use and metabolize your calories in a good way. you will continue to lose weight easier and begin to build a strong core, shaping/toning muscles. you will feel great.

    Jillian Michael's does this same technique for some of her extreme patients. every time the plan has worked and the people feel great.

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    Yes. you would.

    starving is really bad

    When you starve your self your body eats the muscles so you lose weight... but your fat remains the same. the only way to lose that fat is to burn off the fat while exercising. (walking for an hour a day is exercising)

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    you would If you did about an hour of exercise a day. swimming is great for that if you have access to a pool, fun and good for exercise.

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