I need your opinion on this situationn?

ok, so i like this boy named brad. me and him are best friends we are so close. but everyone thinks we like eachother, ido like him. but i dont think he likes me. im scared to tell him cos it will ruin our friendship. so anywaays. this girl hates me and she used to be best friends with brad but they got in a fight. they hate eachother now but one night she IMed him and was like dont hang out with maddie shes a slutt. so the other day i confronted her about it and she was telling me how he just randomly started being an *** to her... soo i used to be able to tell him anything and he wouldnt say a thing but i just told him a hugeeeeeeeee secret and he was like oh im just gonna **** on the person its about. like usualy he would be like ok i wont tell anyone i promise. but im scared hes gonnna stop being my friend, and the worst part is im practically in love with him. HELLPPP.

oh yeah hes felt me upp. and we flirt so much and we went skinny dipping together and stuff so theres defff something there .. but i dont know where he draws the line with the play flirting or really meaning it. soo idk

and every timeee i try to let him all the way in he never lets me in and we become distant and then we get close and then distant its soso weird

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  • 1 decade ago
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    step up i know excatly how you feel.

    the same thing hapend to me but i told him and we went out and r still going strong =]

    4 years now

    just tell him

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