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im 19 years old and a guy.

its been happening to me for the longest time, and i hate it.

so a few days ago i saw this girl that lives across the dorm hall from one of my friends, and i friended her on facebook and talked to her on facebook for a few minutes.

but when i see her, and work up more than a simple "hey wuts up"

its kinda awkward cuz we can chat on facebook for like 30 minutes, but when we see eachother, its just a simple "hey" and thats it.

how do i fix the problem of being a wimp when it comes to cute girls??

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    i hate when that happens. find a common interest over facebook, then walk up to her one day and ask her a question that will lead to a long conversation.

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    if your engaging the conversation your up 1 man. With me when i meet guys online, it does become somewhat awkward when you talk in person. Talking online takes off all the pressure, but if any girl takes the time to have a 30 minute convo with you online chances are you'll prob get along in person too :) so just don't be afraid, and dont act different online then you would off. Thats just baad. GOOD LUCK!

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    Ok, are we talking about just this one girl or "cute girls" in general?

    It could be that you're a lot more comfortable talking online without worrying about other outside factors. My advice would be to spend more time talking to people (not just girls) outside and stop depending on facebook chat for the main way of interaction. It is a lot harder, but it will be a lot rewarding.

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    ok for "CODY"whatever that's gross and yu obvs have self...problems...and nobody gives two shits


    i mean seriously i have the same problem with a guy friend we have everything to tlk about on face book but then in person it's like..... sooo..

    so i found out one way that's kinda cute that i did and it helped

    during like coffee isent hima text asking him how he was doing

    maybe you should try that

    it helped us starrt talking :P

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    if u c a cute girl tht u have never seen before go up to her and flirt with her. then wen u can be free and easy around strangers then it is easy to be like tht around people u no a little better

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    start a convo thats the only way when she says hey then say hey hows your day going so cant talk unless you start a convo with her

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