Would you rather have an Iraq/Afghan war or Universal Healthcare?

A lot of Americans seem to oppose having Health Care because of our national, crushing debt. You blame Obama for the debt we currently have and condemn him for wanting put forth a national, universal health system for all Americans to utilize. This enormous debt he/we have inherited is from the Cheney/Bush administration. Why are all of you letting them off the hook? Have you all caught amnesia?

If we were to put forth the $69,000,000,000 we've paid for for the war in Iraq, plus the $226,000,000,000 we've paid for for the Afghan war, not to mention what we'll be paying in the long run for the aftermath, We would have more than enough to pay for what's important -- OUR HEALTH.

So which do you choose? War or Health? The answer is obvious to me, but I'd like to see how you respond.



I'm assuming the war-monger answers below are paid for by the Big Business, Financiers that watch community blogs like this one round the clock stifling the chance for discussion and free thought.

Heaven forbid the average American think for themselves or be aloud to exchange ideas if only for a minute.

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    Universal health care of course.

  • This enormous debt he/we have inherited is from the Cheney/Bush administration. WRONG the debt we have Today has grown and continues to grow under Obama. The non-partisan CBO states:

    The debt at the end of 2009 will be approx $1.845 trillion

    by 2015 it will be $785 billion.

    Obama has grown our national debt from the inauguration to today (actually Friday) by $1,091,881,892,718.

    Obama's projections will put our National debt at about 82% of GDP


    Both Clinton's said Iraq had WMD, we know Sadam Used gas on the Kurds. We also know the Afghan war as you call it is to root out people hellbent on destroying the West through acts such as 9/11. We won't need health care if every time we step out the door something else is blowing up. This is a typical straw man argument. Go read the constitution.

    In fact I shall quote it to you: Article IV Section 4. "The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence."

    EXPRESSLY the federal government promises the state to protect against invasion, or domestic violence. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan do that. Health care is not promised in the constitution, and I assure you, if there was an attempted amendment the States would not ratify it.

    IN Short I would rather have the war than something that is not constitutional. Oh and by the way Congress authorized the use of force in Iraq as did several UN resolutions!

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    If, if, if, if, if, if, if, if, if, if, if......I get so sick of hearing this word.

    You guys should get over it. We are there, there is nothing that can be done about that now. I voted for Obama sure, but I DO NOT like the sharp left turn he has taken.

    These people can't even run cash for clunkers right, medicare, social security or the war on terrorism, the list goes on and on. How am I suppose to believe that these people can run health care?

    You can't present a question like this in such black and white terms. Wars happen, nothing can be done about that short of the mass extinction of the human race. Personally I like to live in a safe country that has a strong military and the constitutional protection that allows me to own a gun to protect my family and my property. Where was it again in the Constitution that said the government had the right to impose anything it wished on me? I thought the role of government was to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America?!


    It's funny that just because people don't agree with you that they are now linked to big business and are also war-mongers. I could call you names to, but I won't stoop to your level. And I know that's going to make you angry, but your just going to have to deal with it. Your right, I didn't come up with these ideas myself through life experiences and research. I am on big-pharma payroll!

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    I would like us to find the heir to General Sherman and General Patton and let them be allowed to do what ever they feel it will take to win the war in Afghanistan. I would give the Taliban 4 months before they were begging for mercy if that had to face a US military that was allowed to fight without one hand tied behind its back.

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  • ortis
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    i'm able to show you how to recognize precisely why we did not have it. I commit it to memory properly. She had worked her butt off on a wellness Care Plan and whilst she went to signify it the good Ole Boy Republican club went to artwork and nixed it. Had they left her on my own, we would have already had a wellness Care Plan in place. there became a deficit that Clinton had to triumph over whilst he took place of work and he did it additionally leaving place of work with the US financial device in great shape. We Democrats do not think of all Republicans are undesirable, yet we enormously plenty all agree, besides as a lot of Republicans, that Bush is terrible. Edit: I in basic terms examine each and every of the solutions. Do you experience such as you have gotten asked a query which you truthfully knew not something approximately?

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    Why should we have universal healthcare? I think the wars are out there to help protect us. We don't fight back, we get killed and then what good is our healthcare going to do. We haven't figured out how to raise the dead.

    But, I support REFORMING our healthcare, but to give it everyone? No, it should be part of our OWN personal responsibility. You pay for what you get. Fix medicare and medicaid, not play this government pay our way through life BS.

    EDIT-Besides, I believe this country was founded to break free from government control, why hand it back to them piece by piece. The FEDERAL government is supposed to be there to protect our borders and control trade, NOT to pay for everyone's way in life. We are not denied health care in this country. We get it. I do, again, support reforming it to make it more affordable, which another step to doing that is by Tort reform.

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    If we didn't get into those wars we would be in other wars, MUCH bigger ones. It's always easy to point out the bad things that happened because of something, but you can't say what would have happened if that had not happened.

    Terrorists- " Oh look We took down 2 skyscrapers and they didn't do anything. HAHAHA Let's take down more buildings and kill more people"

  • Joan J
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    Health care reform including public option. I think we need to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan as soon as possible, they take our money and kill our troops I see no sense in that. These people have fought each other for centuries and will continue to do so. We need to find out what happen to the $125 billion (lost/unaccounted for) in Iraq under the Bush administration and demand whomever involve to return this money just think how this will boost our economy. We need to overhaul our national security in order to protect our land against any invasion, start to concentrate on the people of this great country for once.

  • ML
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    1 decade ago

    Neither. I'd prefer to solve the state of medical care by removing all the unnecessary costs -- like outrageous malpractice settlements. If we just changed the way lawyers are paid for their services (e.g. a percentage of the take) we could reduce health care costs significantly.

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    Health, Peace, Love.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We need to win the war in Afghanistan and make sure that every American has access to affordable health insurance.

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