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Religion is pulling me down please help?

I find myself alone and trapped in a sea of religious influence. I am the only person I know of around here that doesn't believe in god and I am frustrated with not being able to identify with very many people. I don't have any friends that are like me. My intellect and my ability to think logically and rationally are what separate me from the crowd and my only real redeeming qualities which I would most certainly lose if I were to give in to Christianity, but all of the conversion attempts and threats are slowly chipping away at my sanity. It's as if I'm caught in the gravitational field of a super massive black hole and am beginning to feel the effects of frame dragging which means that I will soon cross the event horizon. Any ideas how to cope? Believing that something else has control over my life and my fate is torture for an independent person like myself. As a former Christian, going back to Christianity after swearing it off for life would be the ultimate humiliation.

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    Well first of all there are definitely other non-Christians (and even some atheists and agnostics) where you live...nowhere in the US is 100% christian.

    Secondly, although rare, there are smart Christians.

    Don't follow something out of pressure.

    Source(s): Atheist.
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    ."My intellect and my ability to think logically and rationally are what separate me from the crowd and my only real redeeming qualities which I would most certainly lose if I were to give in to Christianity..."

    You are listening to atheist propaganda too much. You do not have to give up your logic and rationality by becoming Christian. Plenty of accomplished thinker are Christian. The anti-intellectulness is mostly limited to the US and to a lesser extent, the UK. There have been Nobel-Price winning scientists who are Christian.

    "As a former Christian, going back to Christianity after swearing it off for life would be the ultimate humiliation."

    Pride should play no part in a decision this drastic.

    Source(s): "Being an ordinary scientist and an ordinary Christian seems perfectly natural to me." William Phillips, 1997 Nobel Prize in Physics
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    I wish you luck, I've been there before.

    It is really impossible to go back without a little brain damage. The best you can hope for is to find more rational people around you. Chances are there are many of your friends that believe the same way as you do but are unwilling to risk becoming social outcasts by those still under the 2000 year trance. (or 1600 something)

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    Why do you care what others think of you?

    If you seek religion or the resistance of religion to be part of a "crowd" you're not doing yourself any good on either front/

    "Give into Christianity".-- If you're "giving in" you're just looking for a social identity, NOT a lifelong religion.

    Be YOURSELF rather than following the crowd. Your HEART will tell you what you're supposed to do. Stop worrying what other people think or might think, your Christian peers would be more than happy to have you back.

    Source(s): Former Agnostic, welcomed back with open arms & hearts.
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  • My dear, if you don't like Christianity, by all means, don't go back to it. I find their blind sheep mentality a little frustrating myself, but I also understand that everyone is different, and that people will do what is best for their own well being. Please be tolerant of others. Your way may be right to you, but that means nothing when placed upon someone else. Try to see it in a broader perspective.

    Some food for thought: just because you don't like established religion, it doesn't mean you can't be spiritual. It doesn't mean you can't find truth on your own, and it doesn't mean atheism is the only way out. Since you enjoy intellectual thought, why dont you take time to ponder life? Do you really think left brained thinking is the right way? Do you automatically dismiss things that don't make sense to you? I find it disheartening that so many scientists are like that. To me, it says, "I know alot." In my experience, when you think you know alot, it means you know little. Personally, I find that attitude to be a hinderance to science itself. It saddens me that science is so quick to write off so many things as "impossible" simply because they cannot grasp the concept. Scientists claim to want to find truth, but how can you find truth when you aren't open to everything? How can you find truth when you are inclined to dismiss anything?

    When I watch "The Universe," I am inclined to think that the complexities of everything, and how it all seems to fit perfectly together, is proof of the existence of God...maybe not a God as christians see it--some physical guy standing on clouds looking down passing judgement, but of a pantheistic divinity; a nothing that is everything. An analogy might be time, space and gravity forming the fabric to the universe. None of it physically exists, but it means everything. Until Einstein thought of it that way, people didn't see it. If my idea of God is conscious or simply a force that is, I don't know, and i don't pretend to know. What I DO know, however, is that I want the truth, and I'm open to every possibility so that I can find it. If science was like that, I'm sure we'd be light years ahead of our time.

    If theres anything I absolutely don't believe, though, its that there is anything in the universe that isn't useful or serving a purpose. In that respect, I don't think left brained thinking is enough. We have two halves for a purpose. Imagine what advances we could have by using logic AND intuition together? If everyone's right side of the brain was used as much as the left, wouldn't it be logical to say our thinking would be more complete? Nikola Tesla was far beyond his time. In fact, he's far beyond OUR time. I would venture to say it's because he used both sides of his brain. He didn't limit his thinking to tangible, already known methods. He was very much in touch with his intuition.

    I'm not hoping to sway you with any of this, I'm just hoping this will encourage you to look broader.

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    You can still believe in Deity without being a Christian or going to church.

    Stop facing the world with your paradigms. All that you know is from the past. Focusing on your past forces you to walk backward into your future.

    Here is one such organization, that uses Sound Current Meditation to develop YOU. You are the only person responsible for YOU..

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    You poor guy!!. Now you know why people turn away from Christianity. A continual barrage on the brain that never lets up. They will brainwash you until you are broken and give in. Torture is supposed to be against the law..but apparently not if practiced by religious zealots.

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    Umm then dont be a Christian. BTW being Atheist doesnt make you automatically logical, nor does being Religous make you stupid. I.e Max Planck has done much more than Richard Dawkins.

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    Move to an atheist country like China.

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    No it wouldn't. you might get ridiculed but you know what it will happen but Jesus loves you. and He does want you back i bet everyone who is a christians talked bad about it then they became later on in life. The truth about Jesus is that the only way to be saved and to get into heaven and avoid being sent to eternal hell, is by believing in faith alone that Jesus paid the payment of sin He died for our sins was buried and resurrected the third day (1st Corinthians 15:1-4)Jesus took the wrath of God upon Himself to save you from Hell and forgave you for your sins. He died the death that the whole world deserved Jesus said that He is the Way the Truth and the Life no one goes to the Father but by Him. Repent of your sins (The Bible says that we are all sinner and fall short of the Glory of God) surrender your life to God and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior

    dear God i believe Jesus died for my sins was buried and resurrected the third day i confess that i am a sinner please forgive me for my sins come into my life and control it thank you for saving me thank You for eternal life in Jesus name amen

    'read your bible daily and ask God to help you in your daily walk in the Lord and to Help you find a christian church email me if you have any questions

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